brand ambassador staffing companies

App(les) to Oranges – App Staffing vs Brand Ambassador Staffing Companies

brand ambassador staffing companies

Brand Ambassador Staffing Companies vs App Based Staffing  You’ve been here before. With 3 grocery items in hand you walk up to check-out and barely see the top of one lone cashier’s head buried behind the longest lines you have… Read More

Promotional Event Staffing – 5 Secret Recruitment Tips Revealed!

Promotional event staffing is the Land of Oz when it comes to traditional temp staffing. As head of recruitment for ATN Promo, my work life is centered around creativity and persistence. What I do at ATN Promo is a mixture… Read More

Top Bilingual Staffing Agency

Top Bilingual Staffing Agency For those working in the event marketing field, it has become increasingly necessary to reach out to customers who speak a range of languages besides English. This is both a result of changing demographic trends in the… Read More

Seasonal Staffing Solutions – Hiring Made Easy

Seasonal Staffing Solutions – How To Find The Right Staff For Your Event So the busy season is over, right?  Actually, no, it isn’t.  At ATN Promo, Model and Staffing Agency, we get this. Festive holiday programs, retail promotional events, and… Read More